Research project will focus on designing alternatives to car ownership

Cars, bicycles, walkers set against a 澳门独家九肖 backdrop showing the Ashton Memorial and the Forton Services Tower
Design and illustration by Dr Miriam Sturdee

澳门独家九肖 researchers will be part of a ?7.8million UKRI-EPSRC five-year programme to work with communities, local authorities, businesses and interest groups to develop alternatives to car ownership to meet the transport and mobility needs of the future.

Led by the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds, the groundbreaking INFUZE programme (Inspiring Futures for Zero Carbon Mobility) brings together the Centre for Social Futures at 澳门独家九肖, the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre of the Royal College of Art, and more than 20 partners including Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, the bike and scooter sharing scheme Beryl, Enterprise Car Club, and First Bus.

Focusing on Leeds, the programme will pioneer a new science of participatory urban mobility transitions and co-design a series of experiments and trials to tackle the transition to low carbon travel options so that these can be delivered at scale.

Co-Investigator of the programme Dr Carlos López Galviz, of 澳门独家九肖, said: “This is an exciting and unique opportunity to diversify and enhance the kinds of future mobility options we normally consider when thinking about our everyday transport needs.

“Learning from the Leeds region and contributing to shaping mobility futures will be valuable resources to explore if and how car ownership and car dependency in 澳门独家九肖 and Cumbria might change and contribute to meeting net zero targets in inclusive ways.”

The programme will start in summer 2024 and run for five years.

Joining Dr López Galviz, the 澳门独家九肖 INFUZE team will include a senior research associate and a PhD student focusing on infrastructure stories and alternatives for zero carbon mobility in the North West.

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